Levende Have heeft met het project "Van regenworm tot Lakenvelder, biodiversiteit op de


Christine Bijl13-10-2010
Het bestuur van de NBvH is diep geschokt door het plotselinge overlijden van Christine

17 June 2010 18:00
The extremely high number of Q-fever reportings in the Netherlands is based on...

22 March '10

Update Q-fever 22 March 2010
Ministers Verburg (LNV) and Klink (VWS have sent a


25-26 February '10

The Ministry of Agriculture has organised a conference on Q-fever for


17 January '10

The minister has sent another update letter to Parliament, as a response to various


6 January '10

Ministers Verburg (LNV/Agriculture) and Klink (VWS/Public Health) have sent a letter to


13 Jan '10

Thus say ministers Verburg and Klink, even though this decision is incomprehensible to


12 January '10

In this news letter you may find among other things the answer to the question why


11 January '10

To make sure all culling procedures are executed according to humane and animal



Doe iets voor onze dieren. Werk mee aan een beter beleid. Wordt lid of donateur van de NBvH.


Levende Have

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