12 December '09

The culling of thousands of pregnant goats generates concerns and reservations from


January 2010

The Q-fever epidemic in the Netherlands seems to be unique in the world. Never before


26 January '10

The Dutch Municipalities' Association (VNG) has requested from the Minister of


21 January '10

Animal welfare during transport
The European Union (EU) has completed a radical


17 jan '10

The Q-fever epidemic appears to have gotten out of control unnecessarily, according to


1 januari '10

The European Commission has started to turn the CAHP (Comm. An. Health Policy,


Press Release LNV 16.12.2009

Gerda Verburg, the Minister of Agriculture, Nature and Food Quality


9 December '09

On dairy goat and sheep farms whit Q fever, animals will be slaughtered. Ministers


8 dec '09

Vets are against the culling of all pregnant goats at Q fever-infected farms to reduce the spread


q_fever_map_nl7 dec '09

The experts' advice by the RIVM (Institute for Public health and Environment) (...


Doe iets voor onze dieren. Werk mee aan een beter beleid. Wordt lid of donateur van de NBvH.


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