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By Paul de Bendern, 10 January 2006
ANKARA (Reuters) - Turkey reported another human case of bird...
By Lesley Wroughton, 10 January 2006
WASHINGTON (Reuters) - Turkey's economy will not be disrupted as...

by Chris Ashton, 4-1-06

It's a dangerous world out there. Listen to the
Government, its chief vet Debby

Local Association for the social purpose and to keep several different poultry breeds, Denmark...
By Chris Ashton, January '06

The most commonly asked question which has arisen over the last few

27 December 2005 (An account of Dutch experiences for organisations and magazines in UK)
Over the...
by Chris Ashton, Dec. ‘05

Not one reported case of H5N1 in the EU. We are safe aren’t we? South East...
by Chris Ashton, 20-11-05

The threat of avian influenza spreading to these shores has been enough to



Doe iets voor onze dieren. Werk mee aan een beter beleid. Wordt lid of donateur van de NBvH.


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Het Landelijk Kennisnetwerk Levende Have is een internetgemeenschap van houders van boerderijdieren.